Sunday, July 09, 2006

Inaugural Blog

For quite some time now, I've seen the term "blog" in different contexts, but never paid much attention. Then one day at lunch, I picked up a news magazine and read a whole article about blogging - in adultspeak, mind you, and thought, "I'd better look into this...this...whatever it is."

Hopping on line and visiting Technorati, I was amazed to find so many blogs that were written by all kinds of people about most anything one could imagine. What a great way to express oneself, I thought - like writing in a journal (which I was never good about keeping up), only better.

My friends and daughters shook their heads and gave me a questioning look when I asked them if they blog. (OK, some of these are kids in their teens and twenties. They're supposed to be much more techno-savvy than I am!) Shortly, everyday life caused me to forget about blogging.

Recently, though, extraordinary events have occurred in my life, kindling a primal need for written expression and resurrecting thoughts in my head about blogging. Having read up a little on the subject in some books from Barnes & Noble, today I'm writing a blog post and thinking, "How cool is this?!?"

So, visit often, watch our evolution, and by all means - post comments!


John Nettleton said...

I'm just a peripheral acquaintance of Sister West, but I feel a close association with the words of Sister East: "extraordinary events have occurred in my life, kindling a primal need for written expression and resurrecting thoughts in my head about blogging." Maybe her leadership/initiative will get me off dead center and moving forward. I feel better when I write. August will be four years of living with a spouse with cancer/sarcoma. Myriad thoughts have tumbled around in my headbone, some of which cause guilt as I ponder what I will do when I'm a widower. So many ups and downs through major surgery and two long chemo bouts. Now with Hospice and at 80 pounds, it's just waiting for the inevitable. Sister West has been so good to me, even though we don't know each other well. Her postive comments have pumped me up when I was down. I value her opinions/advice and I admire her greatly.

Pat said...

Yes, she is like the Rock of Gibraltar for many of us. Thank goodness for such strength and compassion!

I wish you the best as you navigate the course ahead. By now, both you and your wife must be so very tired and yearning for relief from the pain. Hopefully, you can find your way to put aside the guilty thoughts for now. If you can concentrate on the short time you have left together, continuing to help her just get through each day, perhaps you will find that your regrets are fewer later on.

But then, that is all so easy for me to say. Keep up with your writing; we'll keep you and your wife in our thoughts.

JGN said...

Asking Rudyard's forgiveness while I say, "East is East and West is West, but these twins can't be beat" Yea, corny I know! Seems as if there are at least two Rocks of G in this family. Sister East's offerings full of wisdom plus caring. They, coupled with the San Diegan's, help me more than one might surmise at first glance. Gracias!