Saturday, February 02, 2008

Out of the mouths of ...

Where better to ski than the wide open spaces of Vail?

And in what better company than grandbabies? A teen and nearly teen, they object to being called grandbabies.

When one insists on skiing with an open jacket, even with a temperature below zero,

and the other gets distracted by knocking snow out of trees,

and still wears alien holographic ski googles,

I say they are still grandbabies.

This year, though, they thought they were too old to go to ski school. They came up with a deal. If their Ouma would be their teacher, and they could behave like good students, they wouldn't have to go to regular ski school. Fair enough, I thought.

They lined up to listen, followed through with directions. One problem, though. While I'm OK with teaching more advanced techniques, I didn't know how to get the younger one out of her "pizza-french fries" into parallel skiing. I talked about edges, and knees into the hill, and upweighting, and using your breathing to set a rhythm. But, how to get Jennifer to progress beyond the wedge?

I said to the older one, "Hayley, I don't think I can get Jennifer out of the wedge. You're going to have to help teach her since you're closer to learning how to do that."

Hayley turned to her sister and said firmly, "Jennifer, keep your skis together".

I watched in amazement as Jennifer headed down the mountain, skis perfectly together.

Is there a lesson here?


Pat said...

I love that story!

Anonymous said...

Those photos were like deja vu from 30 years ago...