Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Mud, The Mayor, Hugh Grant's Father, and a Nave

Monday, July 14th – 11 miles to Carlisle

More pasture land to Crosby on Eden.

I have never seen so much mud in my life.

We sat in a bus stop shelter to eat our packed lunch. An older gentleman came across the street from his house and chatted with us. He invited the group of older hikers behind us to eat their packed lunches at his house. What a character! Wonder if he was the mayor…

What kind of story do you suppose he was telling us that I had such a look on my face?

Just before Carlisle, we crossed over the Eden River. Kathie chatted up the firemen who were observing rescue practice going on below. I suppose they thought she has a sexy voice too. :) What a flirt!

Then we had a little difficulty finding our B&B, the Abberley House, where the owner/host/manager looked and acted just like Hugh Grant's father (although none of us know Hugh Grant's dad...). Kathie noticed it first.

I couldn't look at the man after that without snickering.

Kathie and I shared a postage stamp sized room, which was a far cry better than what Hugh's dad had for Hisako and Tetsu – no room at all! (He did find them a place up the street.)

After dinner at a Greek restaurant, we visited the Carlisle cathedral. The nave was topped by a beautiful darkish blue barrel vaulted ceiling, the panels of which were decorated with golden stars and suns. Lots of wood carvings adorned the whole place and there was a Norman chapel from the 12th century!

(Several of the above pics were taken by Joan and are saved on her SmugMug site. I'm too tired to figure out which ones.)


joan said...

Hisako looks like a ballerina stepping between the cow puddles.

Katharine said...

The "mayor" was telling us about their government's response when the Eden flooded their little town - no better than FEMA to New Orleans!

And all the pictures were Joan's but the last. She gets the best shots!

Pat said...

Aye, Joan - she does, doesn't she? And she always looked like she had just stepped out of her closet - clean and neat. How'd she do that?

Oh yeah, Kath - you're right. I knew there was something that made me think he was the mayor, but then perhaps all the English are more civic minded than we are?