Wednesday, April 01, 2009

That Joan!

So Joan's been teaching folks at the Lowcountry Senior Center how to blog, and included our blog in the list of lowcountry blogs for them to check out. I truly feel honored - thanks, Joan!!!

Also, she's been invited to go to Kenya in May to check out the new water system that's being installed as a result of our hospital system's fundraising (and walking). Congrats, Joan!

That Joan is truly the busiest woman I have ever met - and I mean that in a good way. 8D

(Note to Kathie - in the bottom pic of the post in the last link, the middle "person" in orange shirt is LaLa; the woman in the red jacket is Jessie. Can you see the tip of Kelly's head a ways to the right of her - with sunglasses on? I was somewhere ahead with James Patrick.)


Joan said...

Yep :) You and Kathy were one of the blog examples I gave them. We had fun. I probably left their heads spinning.

Katharine said...

Yes, we know first hand how Joan goes.

I checked out some of her blogsites. Seems like quite a few food ones, what is it with Charleston and food. Ah! the raspberry pistachio tea cakes at Tartelette, next on the to do list!

Pat said...

Hey, no fair - Joan and I want some of those raspberry pistachio tea cakes!

Kappa no He said...

The picture of the Low Country Senior Center was adorable.

Rasberry pistachio tea cakes?!?!

Pat said...

That's Joan and her groupies, Terrie! :)

I'm guessing we're never going to see the tea cakes but they do sound interesting, don't they?