Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday at the Park with Jennifer

I digress. I'm supposed to be finishing my stories of Morocco, but I can't resist putting out some creative pictures by my grandbaby, Jennifer - 11 years old...but aren't they always babies?

Yesterday's excursion with our cameras was to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The park's free range setting is appealing but still the 99 degrees tested Jennifer's blue eyed-blond haired body. Those northern Anglos don't seem to hold up as well as this brown eyed person.

Jennifer always seems to have a different view through the lens of her camera. I guess that's what a future film director needs.

Capturing the mood of a pensive stork...

Prayerful bird...

Off center catches this guy's weirdness.

A gorilla with his afternoon popcorn.

And Jennifer's favorite, a meerkat watching her from a pack of napping meerkats.

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Pat said...

Terrific photos, Jennifer! Have you ever thought of trying your hand at blogging?