Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Knew This Day Would Come

Since Number One Grandbaby, Hayley, was little she would come over on the weekend and we would have beauty shop, paint toenails, fix hair, and all those fun girly things.

Note the cottonball toe separators...can't smudge the wet polish

Number Two Grandbaby, Jennifer, came along a couple years later and she joined the Saturday "Breakfast Club".

The years went by and Beauty Shop evolved into Mountain Climbing, Track Practice, Theater, Film School, History Lecture, Cake Class, and don't forget Shopping.

Now Hayley is almost 15, a rower, a singer in a rock band, and a Facebook/iPhoner.

Talking on the phone with Hayley last evening about this weekend's plans, she said "Uh, Ouma, I'm pretty booked on Saturday".

Still another couple years with Jennifer before she is "pretty booked", and another several years with little Isabella in Montana. How lucky we grandmas are to be a part of these extraordinary growing lives.


Pat said...

Adorable pic! I love reading their posts on Facebook.

They're lucky to have you.

NeverAlone said...

.....I'm fourteen......haha