Sunday, December 13, 2009

Home Alone

Finally, we know what the kitty critters are doing while we're out of the house. Not sleeping and pining for the owner to return, according to this morning's paper.

A cat food company cammed 50 cats and found 12% of the time was spent looking out the window.

12% of the time playing and interacting with other critters in the house.

8% was spent climbing on chairs.

6% was spent watching television, computers, or DVD's.

6% hiding under tables and chairs.

5% playing with toys, or in my house ripping up socks.

Only 6% was spent napping, well deserved after the busy day.

Now we know.


Pat said...

Your babies are so cute - and well-behaved compared to mine. The survey didn't include the percentage of time spent peeing on the door due to frustration/craziness (the cat's, not mine).

I guess stalking each other fits under the interacting category.

Gosh, what would we do without them???

Kappa no He said...

Ha ha, I have discovered one of my cats waits for me to leave so she can open the living room door, thus releasing the dog (he runs upstairs to dig in the futons), then she gets the entire sofa to herself--where I'm sure she's gazing out the window, very happy to be rid of that stinky dog.