Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paris, Sitting

Before Patty moves us along on our adventure, I must comment on a phenomenon I've seen in no other city but Paris - sitting around outdoors.

Who hasn't said when asked what they planned to do in Paris "go to to the Louvre, and sit in a sidewalk cafe" or "go to Versailles, and sit in a sidewalk cafe".

Since we had a lot to see in our three days we did a lot of walking, trust me, a lot of walking. But everywhere there was this curiosity of Parisians sitting around and, had we been in Paris longer, we would have lounged around more in these beautiful places.

Patty already showed us the Tulleries, but she didn't point out that chairs were provided for people to sit around. They must have been set there but the city and people must value them so highly they don't get stolen. Nice chairs, at that.

They were lounging all over Versaille,

down the hillside at Sacre Couer,

and around the gardens of Luxembourg Palace.

Again, those chairs at Luxembourg that can be moved around, congregated, or isolated, whatever your mood or desire. Reading, talking, congregating, looking, and in no hurry to get anyplace.

What is it about Paris or Parisians that brings out this behavior of sitting outside? Do they have that Buddhist "in the moment"? Because the city is so expensive?

Whatever the reason, I said when I got back to San Diego I would look for some sitting around outside. Haven't found it yet except at the beach, but I'll be looking.


Pat said...

We don't have many decent places to sit around outside either. Maybe because it's hot as Hades for a good part of the year. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Try Starbucks at Belle Hall Shopping Center for sitting around outside. Since I'm here in Vanceburg and can't remember my google account, I am Anonymous.

Pat said...

I knew who you were - a woman has got to memorize her Google access info! And at Starbucks/Belle Hall, you get more vehicle traffic than foot traffic to observe, don't you?