Sunday, March 20, 2011

Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival 2011, San Diego

This weekend Jennifer and I headed down to Balboa Park's Cherry Blossom Festival to spend a day in Japanese culture and to be in solidarity with our Japanese brothers and sisters. We also have some friendly photo competition going on for spotting and capturing the best shot.

We share our day of Japanese adventure, starting with the Festival.

The Japanese Friendship Garden is a hidden jewel I hadn't visited until this day, 2 acres that will make you feel you are in Japan. Given the recent events, this was the perfect place to go. The festival celebrates the earth cycle that no matter how harsh the winter, spring will come and life is renewed.

Jennifer got the best cherry blossom shot.

the best sign of spring,

the best Zen garden,

the most creative bamboo dripper,

and most creative temple with reflections and her off center signature.

Read here about another Zen garden.

I'll claim the best temple composition,

Koi pond garden,

and people picture.

Jennifer's body language shows her determination to be a first rate photographer and film maker. And yes, Jennifer, Mr. Sidewalk Monitor was right. Your foot was off the rock.

We walked outside the Garden to catch a glimpse of the canyon where work is going on to add 14 acres to the current two acres. A pine tree will be planted as a memorial for those who lost their lives in the earthquake and tsunami, symbolically anchoring one side of a bridge across the canyon. We could already see many blooming cherry trees in the canyon. How beautiful this will be for the people of San Diego when finished!

We walked over to the Menghi to see the Maneki Neko exhibit. the Japanese beckoning cats. Jennifer and I couldn't figure out why all the cats had a raised paw, some left, some right pawed. Read here why.

We topped the adventure off with a late Japanese lunch at Katani's in Carmel Valley, Udon noodle soup, tempura, and some Japanese lessons from Jennifer. A great day, even if Jennifer did top me in the photography category.


Audrey said...

Thank you for sending this to us. What a great time you must have had!!
Jennifer has a Special gift and I just I could enjoy these times with you.
Hope to start Rehab. in April!!
Thank you again!!

Pat said...

Great pics, Girls! How was lunch?

Katharine said...

It was yummy. We've decided to try every Japanese restaurant in San Diego. Got to compare, you know.

Anonymous said...

We would love to post the picture of her taking a picture and an excerpt of your text at toemail if you do not mind?

Pat said...

Kathie says ok!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Will let you know when it is posted! :)

Anonymous said...

It's posted now. Thanks so much, we really appreciate it! Happy Holidays! :)