Monday, May 30, 2011

Channeling Our Mothers

Who among us has not heard her mother’s words coming from her own mouth? It can be startling, especially when the daughter has promised herself she would never act or speak like her mother. My own children frequently say to me, “OK, Ramona,” which I can sometimes blow off with a chuckle and grin. Sometimes.

When I pass away – and even before then – I hope my daughters will be able to channel me with:

  • “I love you.”

  • “You are SO smart!”

  • “You are beautiful.”

  • “I don’t agree with your choice (career, shampoo, spouse/boyfriend, moving, parenting - whatever) but it is your choice and I approve of YOU no matter what.”

  • “I’m sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?”

  • “Thank you.”

  • “Be kind to your sister.”

  • “Have fun!”

  • “I am so proud of you.”

In one way or another, I learned these from my own mother.

Rest in peace, Mom.


Marabeth said...

My father has such a caring soul. I knew my grandpa much more than I knew Grandma Ramona - but some of his great qualities obviously came from her too.
It was nice to see the family. Was gently reminded how much I missed you guys!!!!

Pat said...

It was great to see you and your family too, Sweetie Pie! Such a shame that we're so spread out, isn't it?

Leslie said...

I loved your list of comments that you hope to be channeled with! They were wonderful, and from what I observed (and experienced) last week when I was with you, you already express those thoughts even to those of us who aren't your daughters. Thank you!

Pat said...

Les, it was so good to have you here with us. I know Grandma was glad to have you talking to her and caring for her along with Jessie, Kelly, and your mom. Such amazing women! I am honored to be related to you all.

Katharine said...

Sounds like Pattyisms to me.

Pat said...

You are such a weasel. :)