Tuesday, January 02, 2007

That Damn Flamingo!

Patty has been wondering why I haven’t been blogging over the last several months, starting with the month of October spent in South America. Forget that I’m learning Spanish, working full time, raising two cats, keeping in shape enough to climb to 16-18,000 feet at the drop of a hat, teaching myself how to make movies and slide shows in the iMac. And, oh yes, learning every Andrea Bocelli lyric in English, Spanish, and Italian.

No, I see the real reason every morning as I back out of my driveway. The flamingo needs to be re-painted. Jennifer mentioned this when she was here at Thanksgiving, “Mom, it would be really easy to touch up your flamingo, just a little paint from the hardware store”. At that point Flamingo got in line with clean the garage, arrange for a carpenter to put in a new garage attic, re-landscape the back yard into a Peruvian jungle, get a cap put on the fireplace chimney, get the seal repaired on the back sliding door, re-grout the bathtub ... need I say more?


Pat said...

Or you could take my approach. Take the darned thing down and give it to one of your kids...without buying a replacement!

Anonymous said...

Besides, the homeowner is such a wonderful captivating hostess that no one would ever notice the darn flamingo!

Pat said...

Ditto that, John!