Monday, January 01, 2007

Renewal and Peril on Cowles Mountain

New Year's 2007 sunrise from the "summit" of Cowles Mountain, San Diego. What a way to start the New Year!
View of the Pacific to the west, Mexico to the south, Cuyamaca Mountains to the east, Palomar and reservation lands to the north. Sounds like a real estate ad.

A few months ago at the top of these steps I spent one of my nine lives... rattlesnake stretched out across the trail sunning himself, gives me that familiar rattlesnake warning -- bless his little cold heart -- as my leg froze in mid-air above him, waiting for him to slither off the trail.


Pat said...

Ewwww...snakes! I'm scairt of snakes! It's a wonder you didn't fall dead of fright, Woman. You would have if it had been a big fat hairy Aragog.

Katharine said...

Yes, even fearless would falter with Aragog.