Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Et Tu, Brute!

I've often yukked it up over items that Joan's included on her blog from Old Horsetail Snake. This evening I almost blew my soup out through my nose (sorry, Kath!) when I read one of the "Mangled Moments of History from Actual College Students" from the Snake's blog:

"Cesar was assassinated on the Yikes of March when he was reported to have said, "Me, too, Brutus."

We had to read Julius Caesar out loud in Latin class. I can just imagine stuffy little Mrs. Mynderse's reaction if our Caesar (Mark Gilson) had said that. Woulda served her right...


Kappa no He said...

That is hilarious!

Pat said...

Hey Kappa, sorry it took me so long to publish your comment - we just finished the Hadrian's Wall trail yesterday!

Will visit you soon.