Sunday, November 23, 2008

Best Crazy Green Ideas

OK, so being the mechanic that I am, I'm curious about a lot of things and can often be found checking out weird stuff. One example is New Scientist, which isn't really weird - unless you're someone like Rush Limbaugh, I suppose.

Go here to watch a video explaining the X-Prize Foundation's contest for the best crazy green ideas. The prize for the best idea is $25,000. Until next Sunday, you can vote here for one of the three finalists, and believe me - they're some doozies.

But wait - it gets better...if you implement the winning prize, you can win $10 million!!!

(Heads up on the Typealyzer link from Joan.)


Katharine said...

The Typalyzer hit the nail on the head for us two left brainer, adventure seeking nuts, or is that Nutes.

Pat said...

Didn't it, though? Wonder how it works.