Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mystery Photo

Two weeks ago I suffered that mother of all disasters, complete erasure of the hard disk, the story with which I will not bore the readers. In lieu of writing a philosophical story on the Buddhist Kalachakra ritual of impermanence I had been mulling over, I offer this mindless shot I captured this morning.

In the meantime, back to recreating that cyberworld on which we have come to depend. Mr. Kozsinski, you were so right in some ways.


Sonnjea said...

Wow, what a nightmare. I hope the re-creating goes well. Cute kitty feet.

Pat said...

Love the fur between the toes. At least it's a girl's toes. My Joey has fur between his toes too - totally doesn't go with his tomcat personality!

Katharine said...

Hey, you both guessed the photo. Not much of a mystery I guess. She has these tufts of hair growing right out of the middle of her foot. Now how aristocratic is that?

Kappa no He said...

I think you really might be enlightened. No weeping, screaming, or clawing at your hair?

My dog has those hair tufts, too. I always tickle them. Boy, he hates that.