Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Joan's moved.

A major catastrophe has happened over at JournalSpace. Both of their drives have gone down - hopefully to be repaired but the prognosis is not good. The worst part of it is that Joan's Walk This Way blog has gone down with it. Four years of photos and funnies - WAHHHHH! Bloggers everywhere are mourning.

In the meantime, she's taken over Charleston Daily Photo, so go visit her there for your daily Joan fix.


joan said...

Thanks Pat! I am still hopeful that they will get it fixed. Meanwhile the owner of Charleston Daily Photo turned it over to me.

If not - I will be stunned at what I've lost since I used my blog as a filing system. Yikes!

Kappa no He said...

That is always tragic when that happens. I hope they get if fixed, too.

And have you seen the new Che movie? Or is it out there yet? I saw previews for it and del Toro looks like a very good choice for Che.

Katharine said...

I've seen the trailer. It's amazing how a good actor can completely transform into his character.