Sunday, December 07, 2008

Painted Hydrants

The little guy in the Mystery Photo is an astronaut, one of twenty six fire hydrants in the seaside village of Carlsbad, just 15 minutes up the coast. The city allowed the hydrants to be "adopted" and local artists or just plain local folk painted the hydrants. The non-professionally painted hydrants were, umm-m-m...unique.

We downloaded a "tour" map and set out on foot, naturally, with a six year old to find the hydrants. What a hoot! For a six year old, a treasure hunt with her map, just as exciting as an amusement park. And it was free.

We had to study and discuss each hydrant...

and climb around on them, just to get the feel and thrill of it all.

Check here for photos of all 26 hydrants.

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Pat said...

That's very cool! I want to paint a hydrant! (I'd probably hurt myself if I tried to climb on one...)