Sunday, February 08, 2009

Energy to Burn???

I can imagine Kathie wanting to do something like this. (Don't even ask, Kath - you know I'm not into swimming!)

What I don't understand is why does Ms. Figge feel she needs to hop on the treadmill during her "respite" in Trinidad?


Kappa no He said...

Wow. I grew up on the beach and deep sea diving still being out there above (or under) all that water scares the crap out of me.

Sonnjea said...

Me too!

Katharine said...

I'd say this lady is incredible. To think I was grumbling about the 82 degrees in the pool today!

Pat said...

Yeah, Terrie and Sonnjea, that story gave me the heebie jeeebies on several levels!

You have every right to grumble about 82 degree pool water, Kath - if it's not like bath water, I ain't gettin' in!!!