Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where are Those Chariots of Fire When You Need Them?

Bravery comes in lots of forms, like taking on land developers or a 13 year old coxing old ladies. I have a particular fascination with courage. With awe, this weekend I watched a 12 year old face down the 58 degree water and storm ocean waves off Torrey Pines Beach in Del Mar, clad only in a bathing suit.

First, she admired the day and borrowed my camera to shoot the scenery.

She rolled up her jeans and splashed around.

She contemplated the waves for a bit...

Then, it was no holds barred, jeans discarded, into the ocean,

looking for that perfect body boarding wave. Br-r-r-r.


Pat said...

Now that is one courageous little woman!!! She has my complete and utter respect.

Katharine said...

She's also a woman of few words. I asked her when she came out of the water whether it was cold.

"No" was all she said.