Sunday, August 27, 2006

And It’s Not Just Greenland’s Glaciers…

Three weeks ago, Doug Struck of The Washington Post wrote about other glaciers that are shrinking because of global warming.

  • Quelccaya Glacier, the largest in the Andes Mountains, provides water to Cuzco, Peru (which Kathie and I visited in 2000 when we hiked the Inca Trail). The Quelccaya glacier has shrunk by thirty percent since 1974. As a result, farming in the area is threatened and water is already being rationed to Cuzco’s residents.
  • Other glaciers throughout the Andes are shrinking as well, putting the water supply for Lima (eight million residents) and Bolivia at risk.
  • The glaciers of the Himalayan Mountains provide water to India and Nepal. “Drastic” water shortages are looming for people living in those countries and China.
  • Experts estimate that the snows on Mount Kilimanjaro will be gone altogether in fourteen years.
Back to my thoughts about moving to higher ground - I wonder if a mountain property would be safe.

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