Sunday, August 27, 2006

Most Wanted

Name: Bopeep
Age: About 9 years
Color: Brown/grey tabby
Gender: None
Weight: A svelte 10 pounds

Although missing her front claws, the suspect shown above is armed with stinky breath and very sharp teeth and therefore considered extremely dangerous. She is wanted for using my $1,800 leather sofa as a litter box. Last seen licking an off-smelling liquid from her paws, she was in the company of the suspect pictured below. He is wanted for sharpening his claws on the back of said sofa.

Name: Frogger
Age: 4 years
Color: White/Siamese mix
Gender: None
Weight: A whopping 19 pounds

When caught, she will be permanently diapered; he will be fitted with bright pink kitty mittens.


Augustus said...

Hi Pat - they're really cute! Frogger looks like you snuck up unawares! Thanks for you email - you're too kind. The templates are easy to adapt - eventually! :-)

Pat said...

Hi Augustus,

Figure I'll get there sooner or later. It's good to have yours and others' to study. Thanks for visiting!