Wednesday, February 17, 2010


OK, we're back to Short Sharp Science.

This morning before work I was reading about how stem cells respond to touch. "Simply expose stem cells to flowing fluid and they turn into blood vessels," the article says and then goes on to explain how stem cells know to develop into bone or muscle or some other kind of tissue. I think those of us who are Star Trek fans would say, "Fascinating."

(By the way, Vicki is an old Air Force buddy of mine. She's married to John, the same guy whose eloquent letter about his return to Viet Nam stirred up such a controversy about censorship on this blog and our local blogroll three years ago. Vicki is an amazing person in her own right - an OR nurse, mom, artist, and student...and she puts up with John! Do check out her blog when you have a minute.)


Katharine said...

What made me think Vicki was a young twentysomething? All that color?

Pat said...

You're not thinking of Katie, are you? They both use color beautifully. Katie is Kelly's age, however; Vicki is four years younger than I.

robert benson said...
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