Sunday, February 28, 2010

Strawberries Ripening

We had rain again yesterday. I was tempted to go for another hike, but settled for a trip to the Farmer's Market in Del Mar. Patty said Search and Rescue would be glad for that.

Strawberry season is finally here in San Diego, fresh from the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields. The juicy critters always seem to be a little unripe this time of year, so I asked the Strawberry Guy for a hint. Put them in a bag with a banana?

"No", he said, "put them out in the sun".

I think it's working. They've be out about three hours, and they're getting that ripe strawberry smell. M-mmm. Maybe strawberry crepes for dinner. A helluva lot better than Girl Scout cookies for breakfast. I'll try not to think of the Northeast digging themselves out of another snowstorm.


Pat said...

Mmmm...those strawberries sure look good! I wonder if they respond to red paper under them like tomatoes supposedly do??

And who's been eating Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, hm?

Katharine said...

Check the post on Secret Canyon.

Kappa no He said...

I can smell those strawberries all the way over here. Yum! And crepe pictures, please. ^ ~

Katharine said...

The sun thing didn't work very well. Maybe they have to be out longer.