Saturday, February 13, 2010

The snow walked in Charleston last night.

The literal translation of "it snowed" in Russian is "the snow walked". We Russian students back at DLI used to get a big chuckle out of that - and a lot of other translations, to be sure.

Last night, the snow did its once-a-decade walk in Charleston. This morning, on the day before Valentine's Day, it looked like this.

Out back, I had my very own fairy forest.

OK, so I've been dipping in the paint pot a bit. I only messed with the one below a little...

That magnolia was trying its best to not shiver.

Hang on, Magnolia - the sun's coming out! It'll all be gone in an hour.


Katharine said...

I heard you Charlestonians were going to have some "snyek". Did you walk in the walking snow?

Pat said...

Nope, I had enough snyek walking growing up in the snyek belt - just as you did!