Sunday, January 09, 2011

Get Along, Little Doggie.

Day 10 – Friday, October 1st – 13.5 miles to Triacastela

This week of walking showed us a little different view of Spain – the villages weren’t quite as quaint but rather more farm-based, redolent with the scent of cow puckies.

Friday started out with a little up and down atop the hill on which O’Cebreiro sits. Those ups just continued to wind me, but what the heck – as Kathleen would say, it wasn’t a race.

Here’s a pic of JJ looking very debonair next to the pilgrim monument at Alto de San Roque…

…and me herding cattle off the road.

There are so, so many churches along the Camino. Here’s one with a St. James cross atop the bell tower.

And another heart picture for Joan.

Isn’t the countryside beautiful?

Check out this funky tree.

Next stop – Sarria.


Katharine said...

"Redolent with the scent of cow puckies - now there's an understatement! And J.J. as debonair, another understatement. He is beyond debonair.

Whew! I'm worn out reading today about all we did.

How about telling us about the cross of St. James. There's another story.

Pat said...

Perhaps you'd like to write that post? I'm all posted out for a while!