Friday, January 14, 2011

Grave Apartments, Pinching Bottoms, and Wandering Horse Toddlers

Day 11 – Saturday, October 2nd – 15.5 miles to Sarria

We left the Casa David in Triacastela on Saturday morning for Sarria.

Check out this cemetery. As in many of the cemeteries we passed, the graves are all above ground. In multi-person units. Like apartment buildings.

Here’s a cool house – literally, I bet.

I liked the cross on this churchyard gate.

OK, so it was a day of cemeteries and churches.

And here’s the Benedictine monastery at Samos, one of the oldest monasteries in Spain.

It sits on the Rio Oribio. I loved this bridge with the scallop shells – the symbol of the Camino.

Kathie, Elene, and Jennie went to check out the monastery. When we met back up in front of it, there was a group of runners taking pics of themselves. Kathie leapt at the opportunity to be their photographer.

This group runs 20 miles a day on the Camino, 3 days at a time. Nifty idea. Don’t think I’d want to try it, though…especially in the rain. What am I saying? It could be a sunny cool day and I wouldn’t want to try it.

The guys insisted Kathie pose with them in the pic above. See the little black-clad woman in the front of the group? That’s Kathie. She’s probably pinching bottoms out of sight of the camera lens.

After all that excitement, we stopped at a little table on the sidewalk in the center of town to eat lunch. Then on the way out of town, we posed for photos with this pilgrim.

Notice how my photograph of Kathie got a little of the winding street and the girl pilgrim sculpture in the background. For once, my composition was perhaps an iota more pleasing than Kathie’s. Just this once, though.

This little guy was out roaming by himself on the path, hitting pilgrims up for apples. Wonder if his mom knew where he was?

Next - swimming to Portomarin.


Katharine said...

Personally, I liked the pastoral background.

Those Spanish runners had spirit. Even waiting for their buddies to catch up they were running around the monastery.

Pat said...

Yeah, I guess mine does look a bit more like a tourist's snapshot.

What - no rebuttal to that bottoms pinching comment? LOL, Kath!!

Katharine said...

I just realized your positioning was mirroring the posture of the pilgrim. How did I miss that before?