Sunday, January 09, 2011


Wednesday, September 29th being the day of the strike, it took a bit of looking to find an open restaurant for lunch. Finally, we found a little place to get some sandwiches and took them out to a nearby square.

Check out this cool red monstrous pot. There were several of them.

On a bench, we ate and admired the cathedral. Doesn’t it look a bit like Notre Dame? It’s late 13th century Gothic; supposedly based in part on Notre Dame.

Then we went inside.

That afternoon, I took a nap while some of the group went out and experienced the strike.

We ate dinner at the hotel’s sidewalk cafĂ©. A couple tables over, a man was interviewing three other people. I kept watching them, trying to figure out who they were and why he was interviewing them (and also because I’m nosey).

This is what Kathie’s room looked like. She was taking advantage of the lull in walking to reorganize…again.

Next – on to O’Cebreiro.


Katharine said...

I can't believe you posted by disorganization!!! People will be so disillusioned!

Pat said...

Honey chile, all hikers are disorganized. Otherwise we mighta seen Martha Stewart along the way...