Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Rambling on a BreeZy Spring Saturday Morning

Last evening, Kelly picked me up from work and we decided to stay home and eat a frozen pizza. (Well, it wasn’t actually frozen when we ate it, but you know what I mean.) It seemed the right thing to do since:

· Number one, I had just committed to almost a thousand dollars of work on my fifteen year old Explorer which Kathie has nicknamed “Queen Mary”. Why do I keep an old SUV? I drive six miles round-trip to work Monday through Friday so the QM's cost in gas really is pretty low for a gas guzzler; I figure $1,000 in car maintenance and repairs a year is inexpensive compared to car payments, and I’ll keep thinking that until the big one hits - $3,500 for that new motor I’ve been putting off buying until the old one blows up.

· Number two, the pizza was cheap at two for the price of one at FoodLion. Palermo’s Primo Thin pepperoni pizza...not horribly bad for frozen.

Rambling on...I promised myself I would get up early this morning and get some work-work done. I did get up early but I’ve frittered away the morning reading some of Blogger’s blogs of note – and washing our bed linens. I guess the morning hasn’t been a total waste, then.

Snacking on cold pizza, I happened to stumble upon this hilarious blogpost and map relating pizza to guns and strip clubs in the US. I love this blog! Do you suppose the bloggers are really as young and cute as their photos?

OK, OK - I'll get my work done now.


Katharine said...

What's with the capital Z in BreeZy? Did I miss something?

Pat said...

No - just feeling capricious!