Sunday, March 14, 2010

Burgers and Maps - Two of My Favorite Things!

While we're waiting for Kathie to tell us how her hike went yesterday - I know she's returned because she commented on that last post! - I'll tell you what Kelly and I had for dinner last night and relate it to yet another map. I love maps! Why didn't I become a geographer? Or a cartographer?

Anyway, after washing all of our sheets and blankets and actually getting some work-work done, I stopped by the pet store, Target, and Lowe's on my way to pick up Kelly. She'd had a long day taking care of post-op neurosurgery patients at the hospital where my entire family (of 3) works.

"Whaddya want to eat?" I asked her.

"I don't care," she said and lay back against the carseat to rest.



We drove to Five Guys to pick up our cheezburgers to take home. In a daze, she ate - probably without tasting - and promptly fell asleep on the couch with one cat on her lap and another propped up against her from the arm of the couch.

So what kind of map can possibly relate to such an exciting evening? I found this on the Floating Sheep blog that is my new love. Check out Texas and Oklahoma - it looks like someone spilled cornflower blue paint there! I mean, Sonic's ok but what the heck?!? And how interesting that Dairy Queen is more predominant in - what is that - Minnesota and Montana? No surprise that Jack in the Box has a hold on southern California...

Speaking of which - Kath, you'd better get back to blogging and give our two readers a rest from all the excitement on this side of the continent.


Katharine said...

Well, isn't it interesting the very tip of Key West is Wendy's. Must be a few tranplanted Ohioans there.

Post will come tonight, after I soak my feet.

Anonymous said...

Did you know Isabella and I live only a block away from Dairy Queen? I got the map gene from you...

Pat said...

A block away? Dear God, I would be the size of an elephant!