Sunday, March 21, 2010

On Foot in San Diego: Secret Canyon Revisited or What a Difference a Day Makes

Five of the "six missing hikers" returned this weekend to Secret Canyon, entering from the end of the 16 mile hike we were unable to complete after becoming boxed in a canyon by rain swollen creeks. We were curious, all except our kick boxer Wayne who felt he didn't need this corrective emotional experience and opted to a game of tennis. Two of our rescuers, Chris and Jessie, sister and daughter of Linda, and Linda's dog, Harley, joined us. They needed a corrective emotional experience of their own after that night of worry and searching.

I won't bore the reader with the beauty of the area,

or the beauty of the sunny day.

We found the spot where we spent the night spooned to conserve body heat as the temperatures dipped into the low thirties soaked by intermittent downpours, straw pallet still on the ground, and hung out for about an hour.

We found the overgrown left fork in the trail that would have taken us above the creek, hidden by a pile of branches and grasses grown up from the recent rains.

We found the "swimming hole" landmark we had been searching for,

and hung out some more.

Chrissy Cekander, one of our black belt karate kicking sheriff rescuers.

As a special treat Kathleen pointed out some native miner's lettuce that kept the nineteenth century gold miners in this area from getting scurvy, a trick they likely learned from the Indians.

A newspaper from the miner's day would had said about this outing "a good time was had by all". All life's traumas should find closure this easily.


Pat said...

Pretty area. I can see why you'd want to hike there.

Anonymous said...

Where is this in San Diego?

Anonymous said...

Where is this in San Diego?

Katharine said...

East County, lower end of Secret Canyon in the Pine Valley area, lower trailhead not far from Japatal Fire Station.