Thursday, December 28, 2006

You know Joan?!?

So we celebrated Christmas at Jessie's house. Michael supervised a wild and crazy kitchenful of cooks preparing our traditional international dinner. This year we chose to have an Italian meal. I rustled up Kathie's Rachael Ray recipe for vegetable not-sagna. It turned out pretty well but didn't look very Italian. Go figure.

Anyway, between slicing, dicing, measuring, and stirring (and sipping on my pomtini), Patrick and I did our best to whup each other's behinds at air hockey. Oh - I almost forgot - we also got in a few rounds of Ruckus, a game at which people with ADD really excel. Between Jessie, Kelly, and me, we had some pretty excellent players!

Then Dan, Karen, and their family arrived. Dan's related somehow to Michael's side of the family and is a really nice guy. I mentioned to him that he would be hard pressed to beat us attention-challenged girls at our card game, but he said, no, he has ADD, too.

"Oh yeah? I've got this blog post you've got to read." And I proceeded to show him Joan's post "Christmas Carols for the Disturbed" (12/22/06). He looked at me, awestruck.

"You know Joan? No kidding, you know Joan? I read her blog all the time!"

Yes, folks, I work with the (in)famous Joan, and am therefore a near celebrity (just one degree removed!).

And Dan? Shh...don't tell anyone, but I read her blog all the time too.


Toast said...

I am the awestruck Dan. The dinner was fantastic, as was the card game.

Pat said...

Well, Dan, be looking for a "Hi" from Joan on her blog. She's all thrilled that she has a groupie!

Pat said...

And here's to many more great dinners and fun card games!

Toast said...

Oh yeah! You guys are loads of fun. BTW, I am Michael's step-cousin, which makes you ... umm?

Pat said...

I'd probably go with "step-cousin's mother-in-law". :)

Where's your profile, boy?

joan said...

I have Dan's entry up :) Thanks y'all! Happy New Year.