Monday, March 12, 2007

Haikus from Kelly

I'm cleaning my office at home today. It's quite a project - I started yesterday and got so involved that I had to ask Pennie if I could take today off to finish!

What usually takes me so long is all the distractions..."I'd forgotten all about this!" or "Wasn't she cute?" or "Hm, wonder what I can use this for now". The treasures I found today are below, written originally by Kelly back in 2004 when she was a senior at Bishop England.

worker bees lay their nests
they work all day
and come home to crazy kids

dogs are super cool
they come in all forms
Kel really wants one today

Mustangs are even cooler
yes, they sure are
please get one for Kelly

Poor kid. She's still waiting for the dog and the Mustang. Hopefully, the crazy kids never materialize (kids - yes, crazy ones - no).


Sonnjea B said...

I like the dog and Mustang haikus much better than the beer ones!

Kappa no He said...

Those were great. I remember when I wanted a guitar I resorted to such methods. I also carved the name of the guitar I wanted into all the soap bars in the house. In retrospect a nice haiku written on the mirror might have worked!

Pam said...

I love 'dogs are super cool'! How sweet. Now go and get that poor girl a dog, or I will!!!!! (It's never too late). :)

Pat said...

Sonnjea - I do too. She cracks me up with her haikus.

Kappa - Guess you didn't get your guitar then?

Pam - I keep telling her she can have a dog when we don't live in a condo with five then, she'll probably have grandchildren of her own!

Kelly said...

hahaha nice! i think i was 15 when i wrote those, yeah i used to drop a lot of hints now i just dream... :)