Saturday, March 24, 2007

Poor barn is dead .... or is it?

On Thursday Jennie wrote:

“The barn is down.

The ranch that witnessed history through the eyes of one of Missoula's oldest families is now ready for 104 homes. But, like my mother taught me--don't ever give up. I still have hope that it will go back up; if not on it's original 1865 spot, then at the very least, next door on the 40-acre conservation easement parcel where the original brick home sits.”


Pat said...

Isn't it nice when our children listen to us?

Katharine said...

Yes, daughter # 2 put a fortune cookie saying on the refrigerator, "be persistent and you will win". It stayed there until she was 18 and left home. I think it is a family trait, and they both used it on their mother!