Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seven Baby Birds, Sitting on a Sofa

Seven baby birds sitting on a sofa,
Waiting for the party to begin.
Some of them are happy,
But one's screaming mad...
Looks like Isabella poked her with a pin!


Katharine said...

Patty actually wrote the limerick. I suffered writer's block after coming up with a title and photo.

Here's mine, I'm new at this. Please, Lord, spare me the limerick obsession.

Seven baby birds, sitting on a sofa.
“A party we could go-fa'."
“Not today, I said.”
“Oh, no! Does that mean bed?
We’ve been good.” “Understood. Just don’t mope-a.”

Pat said...

Good one, Kath! Do you suppose there's a limerick vaccine you could take, though, before you get any further into this?

Sonnjea B said...

Good limerick and great photo! But I agree with Pat, run while you can, before the addiction takes hold!

Kappa no He said...

I like both limericks! The two on the far left look to be in deep conversation. So cute!