Thursday, February 01, 2007

Still Mulling Over Another Inconvenient Truth

CNN news today: The world’s leading climate scientists liken global warming to a “runaway train” that will not be rectified for centuries.

Is "men like war" a similar runaway train? Will it take centuries more to rectify?

How about this factual information from today’s San Diego Union Tribune? Sewage effluent from the wastewater treatment plant outside Boulder, Colorado, can change male fish into females in just seven days.



Pat said...

Uh oh. Look out, Nemo!

Katharine said...

It wasn't Nemo I had in mind.

Anonymous said... I hear the sound of a conservative becoming a liberal? (Just kidding) You should check out the website MoveOn.Org. Only yesterday, I called my two U.S. Senators to tell them to vote against the resolution next week which would increase troops in Iraq and instead pursue diplomatic solutions with Iran. And, I signed a petition to tell President Bush that I want Congress to hold hearings on the threat to polar bears. He's thinking nobody even cares and may not even hold the hearings at the end of February! And this is all thanks to emails sent to me by MoveOn.Org. It's great. You can choose what you want to do or not--whatever motivates you--and you feel like you make a difference. Check it out!