Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ode to My King Street Vase

Walk This Way posted a picture of King Street, Charleston, on February 26, and I thought of the Roseville vase bought in the King Street Antiques store during a visit to Charleston. A beautiful little guy, and now he sits on the West Coast. I asked Patty to write an ode and she gave me an ode and a haiku, but what I wanted was a limerick. So she gave me a limerick, too.

"Pick one", she said,
And only one, was what I read.
"Don't be wishy-washy, make up your mind."
I thought, "That is unkind!"
On a sister's feelings she should not tread.

O Vase divine! Curvaceous and fair,
Thee grace my shelf
Like a house elf
Caught dancing in midnight air.
Mere words cannot describe!
Your beauty I imbibe
As thro’ the eyes of a lover.
Quick, run for cover!
Porkchop is on a tear
And has not a care
That my vase he might knock to the floor.
Sadly, I must escort him out the door.


Pat said...

Ah, you chose well, Grasshopper!

I caught the subliminal messages, but only after you pointed them out. Duh.

Kelly said...

haha nice, somewhere in there you should add a line about the picture of Jessie smelling her armpit!

Pat said...

It may be because I've just been out drinking gin and tonics with the girls, but I just laughed myself silly over that comment, KelKel. I am so lucky to have such characters for children.

Katharine said...

Patty: Is the grasshopper part related to the gin and tonic?

Kelly: Some day you and that smelly arm sister will be doing a blog together. Or saving a NICU baby. Tread lightly.

Pat said...

Uh Kath...did you notice the time on that Grasshopper comment? Heheh. Gotcha! :)

Kappa no He said...

Mmmm, gin and tonics...!

Pat said...

My favorite!